We are currently the reigning World Champion Long Range Rifle Team (F-T/R). We are twenty four of the top long range rifle competitors in the United States. F-T/R is a .308 caliber rifle fired from bipod. In the recent World Championships, our Team took nine of the top fifteen individual places. Between the members of the Team, we have taken most of the top positions in the US National Championships (F-Class and Fullbore), indeed one member on the team has won three National Titles. Two other members have won at least one National Title apiece. We are currently undefeated in International Team Competition.


F-Class is defined as long-rang prone rifle shooting.  F-T/R class is firing a .308 (or .223) rifle at ranges from 300 yards to 1200+ yards.  The target used is the long-range F-Class target.  The “X” ring on the target is 1/2 MOA (or 5″ circle at 1000 yards).  The only permitted support for F-T/R rifles are a sling or a bipod (or both, although it is rare for an F-T/R shooter to use a sling).  The weight limit for the class is 8.25 Kg (or 18.15 lbs).  F-Class rifles may be shot using iron sights, but 99.9% of F-T/R shooters use scopes.

Typical F-T/R Rifle